The Rt. Rev. F. Melville Jones (M.A.; D.D)   1919-1940

The Pioneer Bishop of Lagos 1919-1940. The Principal of St. Andrew’s College, Oyo from 1894 to 1907; a great Church man, and energetic European Missionary and Educationist of high repute. He operated the entire Diocese which stretched as far as Kano in the North and entire West and Mid-West as only one big Diocese. He laboured without counting the cost and toiled without looking for rest.

The Most Rev. Leslie Gordon Vining (CBE; M.A.; D.D)  1940-1955

Bishop of Lagos from 1940-1955 and the Archbishop of Province of West Africa from 1951-1955. He was the Assistant Bishop of the Diocese on the Niger and became the second Bishop of Lagos. On 17th April 1951, at the inauguration of the Province of West Africa, Leslie Vining was elected and presented as the first Archbishop of the new Province. A great man of vision, who lived up to his widely held appellation “Bishop of the Youth”, (in 1952) divided the Old Lagos Diocese into four:  Lagos, Ibadan, Ondo-Benin and Northern Nigeria; and that of the See on the Niger, into two parts – On the Niger and Niger Delta. He laboured tirelessly in the Lord’s vineyard till he died at sea in March 1955.

The Rt. Rev. Adelakun Williamson Howells II (M.A. B.D)  1955-1963

The Bishop of Lagos from 1955-1963. A man of many parts: a builder, an undaunted innovator, indeed an Episcopal legend of all times. He replaced the wooden, rickety bungalow that has served as Bishop’s court with a more ultra-modern edifice of a multi-storey building, the foundation of which was laid on 1st December, 1959 and completed on 24th September, 1960. He relocated the CMS Grammar School from central Lagos Island to a more spacious site in Bariga. An elegant and aristocratic personality, who was a workaholic.

The Rt. Rev. Seth Irunsewe Kale (M.A.,D.D)  1963-1975

The Bishop of Lagos from 1963-1975. The Principal of our Prestigious CMS Grammar School for five years; the Dean of Anglican Schools and Colleges in 1949; the Principal of St. Andrew’s Teacher Training College, Oyo. During his tenure, alterations were made in the interior of Christ Cathedral Church, Marina, to beautify and enhance worship. An astute Administrator per excellence and a stickler for details.

The Rt. Rev. Festus Oluwole Segun, (B.D.,M.A., D.D) 1975-1985

Bishop of Lagos from 1975-1985. The Provost of the Cathedral Church of Christ, Marina from 1960-1970; Bishop of Northern Nigeria from 1970-1975. He initiated a Continuing Education Programme for the Clergy through the initiative of what was highly regarded as Board for the Continuing Education of the Clergy (BOCEC). There was great expansion during his Episcopate. A great lover of Music.

The Most Rev. Dr. Joseph Abiodun Adetiloye (B.D, AKC, D.D, CON)  1985-1999

Bishop of Lagos from 1985-1999. He became the Primate of all Nigeria and Archbishop, Metropolitan, Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion, 1988 to 1999. The Bishop of Ekiti from 1970 to 1985. A great man of vision, sound intellect, profuse drive and candour. He established the Lagos Anglican Bible College (LABICO). He increased the Dioceses from 26 to 76. This goes to his eternal credit. He laboured without counting the cost and toiled without looking for rest.

The Most Rev. Dr. Ephraim Adebola Ademowo (OON, PhD, FNAL) 2000-2018

Bishop of Lagos from 2000 - 2018. Dean Emeritus: Church of Nigeria. Archbishop of Province One comprising all the dioceses geographically located in the Southwest and Midwest, Province 1 (Supra Diocesan Board West) of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion). In 2008, he was re-elected for another 5-year term as Archbishop of the Ecclesiastical Province of Lagos.