Directorate of Missions, Evangelism & Discipleship

Director:               The Ven. Ife S. Okupevi
                            The Vicar of Church of the Resurrection
                            (Victoria Island Archdeaconry)
Associate Director:  The Ven. John O. Agboro
                            The Archdeacon of Marine Beach Archdeaconry
                            The Vicar of The Good Shepherd Church, Marine Beach, Apapa

Directorate of Sunday School

Director:               The Ven. Godwin Odubena
                            The Archdeacon of Lagos Archdeaconry
                            The Vicar of St. Paul’s Church Breadfruit, Lagos

Directorate of Youth

Director:               The Ven. Ife S. Okupevi
                            The Archdeacon of Victoria Island Archdeaconry
                            The Vicar of Church of the Resurrection, Victoria Island
Associate Director:  The Ven. Williams R. Mehinsan
                            The Vicar of Anglican Church of Divine Providence, Adeba
                             (Lagoon Archdeaconry)

Directorate of Elders’ Fellowship

Chaplain:               The Ven. Michael Idowu Hunkanrin
                             The Archdeacon of Apapa Archdeaconry
                             The Vicar of Christ the King Church, Apapa

Directorate of Readers, LAGDOS (Church Stewards) & Altar Servers

Director:               The Ven. S. O. Olaleetan
                            The Vicar of Holy Trinity Church, Ado
                            (New-Era Archdeaconry)

Directorate of Prisons Chaplaincy

Director:               The Ven. Samuel O. Ifeyemi
                            The Archdeacon of Peninsula Archdeaconry
                            The Vicar of St. Peter’s Church, Ikota

Directorate of Church Planting

Director:               The Ven. Stephen Adeyemi
                            The Vicar of Church of the Pentecost, Ajah
                            (Peninsula Archdeaconry)

Diocesan Action Committee on HIV/AIDS (DACA)

Director:               The Ven. Julius Omotayo Aduloju
                            The Vicar of St. Peter’s Church, Faji, Lagos
                            (Lagos Archdeaconry)

Directorate of Media

Director:               The Ven. Oluseyi Pirisola
                            The Vicar of All Souls Church Lekki
                            (Victoria Island Archdeaconry)