• Rt. Revd. F.M. Melville Jones (1919 â 1940)
    The Rt. Rev. F. Melville Jones was the pioneer Bishop of Lagos; or what in Rotarian parlance the Americans would prefer to style "The charter Bishop of Lagos."

    Bishop Leslie Gordon Vining (1940 â 1955)
    Most Rev. Leslie Gordon Vining would be remembered as perhaps the foremost expansionist before Abiodun Adetiloye, in the African History for it was Archbishop Vining who began the indigenization policy of the church Ministry in line with Henry Benn's spirit of self-rule, self-propagation and self-sufficiency.

    Rt. Revd. Adelakun Howells (1955 â 1963)

    The Rt. Rev. Adelakun W. Howells " was born in the Vicarage of St. John's Church Aroloya, Lagos. The great Howells was highly privileged with his track of educational records which began with the rare opportunity of attending a private Nursery and Primary School in Central Lagos before proceeding to CMS Grammar School and King's College both in Lagos; Fourah Bay College Sierra Leone where he later graduated in 1927 with a BA (Durham) degree in Arts and Theology. Between 1928 and 1933. Howells II added his Master of Arts (M.A.) and Bachelor of Divinity (BD) degrees, while he was still serving as Tutor at the Theological Seminary of the Diocese on the Niger. His father was the Rt. Reverend Adolphus Howells, one time Assistant Bishop of Lagos.

    Rt. Revd. Seth Irunsewe Kale (1963 â 1974)
    The Rt. Rev. 5eth Irunsewe Kale was of a humble parentage, but developed himself to become a towering intellectual giant, an apt teacher of sound pedagogical "Skills and a true cure of souls".

    Rt. Revd. Festus Oluwole Segun (1975 â 1985)
    The Rt. Rev. F. O. 5egun was a great cleric. He was a fearless preacher, a great musician, an accomplished Administrator, eminent scholar and theologian.

    Most Revd. Dr. J. Abiodun Adetiloye (1985 â 1999)
    Abiodun Adetiloye is an enigma of some sort; a multi-dimensional personality a man of fame and great worth. Born in the town of Odo-Owa in the Ijero area of Ekitiland, Nigeria on Christmas Day, 25th December 1929, his father died when he was only 3 years old and the hope of seeing him through life was badly shaken and threatened. But in what looked like a providential twist of fate he towered well above his peers and contemporaries and became a reference point for God¬guided success and fulfillment. He had been acknowledged as being a rare beneficiary of God's unique blessings, picking his life's roses sometimes as if without effort yet with greater success stories to tell always. After the basic primary and secondary education in Ekiti, Joseph Adetiloye was admitted to Melville Hall; and on completion of the programme, he was made a Deacon and priested the same year. A graduate of King's College, University of London in the U.K. Adetiloye began his career, teaching in schools and colleges but nursing an inner keenness for pastoral work. He was at one time Vice Principal of the Immanuel College of Theology in Ibadan and it was from there, he got appointed as Provost of the St. James' the Great Cathedral, Oke-Bola Ibadan; under the Episcopal leadership of the Rt. Rev. S. O. Odutola.